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Internal Medicine

The foundation of EEIM is internal medicine cases. We are excited to offer mobile and in house specialty internal medicine services to horse owners, trainers and veterinarians. Advances in diagnostic equipment has allowed us to provide diagnostic evaluation on the farm that previously would have only been available at referral hospitals or academic institutions.  

When may your veterinarian refer your horse to a specialist ?

  • Acute or chronic diarrhea

  • Anemia or bleeding disorders

  • Coughing or other breathing/lung issues

  • Heart or circulatory disease

  • Chronic or unresolved gastric disease

  • Endocrine disorders and diseases of the older horse

  • Infectious disease

  • Kidney or bladder disease

  • Liver disease (hepatitis)

  • Neurologic disease

  • Neonatal medicine

  • Ophthalmic disease

  • Poor performance, loss of speed or stamina

  • Weight loss




Patient during and after treatment for neurologic disease


When should you request referral to a specialist?

  • Your horse has a condition that is uncommon, complicated, or undiagnosed after standard testing.

  • You would like an informed, neutral second opinion

  • The outcomes of the current treatments are not going well or as expected

  • Your horse requires a sophisticated procedure that is offered by a specialist.

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