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Horse Owners

Consultation is available with a referral from your regular veterinarian. A team approach to difficult or complicated cases is necessary for optimal outcomes and your regular veterinarian will play a pivotal role in your horse's care and recovery. A complete history and thorough examination are the cornerstone of our consultation visit. Examination, diagnostic procedures and treatment can take place at your barn or your veterinarian's facility. 



Consultation by phone, on the owner's farm or at your facility are available. A complete history with copies of all pertinent diagnostic testing are needed to begin the process. Dr. Foley's diverse experience base and excellent communication make for an unparalleled consultation experience. The goal for consultation is to expand the level of care you are able to provide to your patients via consult. The aim is to support colleagues through difficult cases and facilitate optimum treatment and care of your patients and owners. We firmly believe that the key to elevated patient care in difficult situations requires a team approach in which you are the cornerstone of continued care. 

Farm and Facility

Thorough evaluation of procedures and protocols is available for breeding farms, farms and ranches, as well as equine facilities. The visit and recommendations are tailored for the individual horse, herd, and needs of the facility. Examples include: biosecurity evaluation in the face of disease outbreak, nutritional review of the breeding herd, complete protocol development from pregnancy to weaning. These specialized  plans are coordinated with your veterinarian to provide optimal, individualized care looking at your goals, your facility and each horse. In an age where seconds make the difference between winning and losing be assured your total health programs are on the cutting edge. 

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